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Laura (:
12 October 2010 @ 09:34 pm
I can't believe that this is my last year at Trudeau! Everything has gone by so quickly and it feels weird to be a senior compared to all the freshmen who came in. They all seem so much smaller than me.

I'm excited for this year though... It's going to be so stressful, but I'm excited nonetheless. Physics is killing me though. D: Urgh. Thank god I've got a great mentor and awesome friends to help me get through it all. Though I wish that some of the work in school could be easier, I'd never lower my aspirations.

I can't wait until Christmas. It's only October though. ): But I feel like I'm missing the Christmas cheer that I need right now because I'm so tired and stressed out lately! Thanksgiving was a very welcoem break, though I spent most of the weekend working on a big Physics project & homework assignment. It seems like that course takes up the majority of my time and it's the one I hate most!

Thursday I'm going to McMaster's University in Hamilton to participate in the Science Olympics. I'm so excited! I feel like a nerd but... It's so fun!
Laura (:
26 August 2010 @ 02:40 am
I JUST GOT BACK FROM THE ROCKSTAR UPROAR TOUR AND IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME. I can't believe that I just saw Avenged Sevenfold & Disturbed. Omg. It was so amazing!

The opening act for the A7X performance was great (sick, but fucking aewsome) with a guy who hung himself off of the banister. Their opening song was (of course), Nightmare. The vocals were so amazing, and I got to see all of my favorite band members. I feel so lucky. I bought an awesmoe shirt too. I felt really horrible beacuse one of my friends came back from NYC to watch it with us but since we couldn't get a hold of her, we thought that she wasn't coming and found someone else instead. ): Then she called and said that she was at the border while we were already on the way to the venue! It sucks, but I had to tell her that we'd found someone else. The air's clear between us though, since she's awesome like that. It was raining really badly while we waited to get into the concert, and the stupid security man who was supposed to help out was such a douche! Ugh. I also had to remove my studded belt and wristband because they're considered dangerous weapons. My pants kept on falling down all night!

Disturbed was great too. Though I thought that the vocals could have been stronger, and I don't like them as much as A7X, I have to admit that they were awesome. They also handled the crowd really well.

I really want to go to more A7X concerts! But the next ones are all across the world and I can't afford to go there in the middle of school!
Laura (:
11 September 2006 @ 08:46 pm

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